Collision Repair in Miami: Tire & Wheel Protection

Collision Repair in Miami: Tire & Wheel Protection

Most drivers realize the importance of a routine car check-up or oil change. However, many people don’t pay enough attention to their tires, which can result in costly¬†repairs. We offer tire and wheel protection for newly-bought or leased vehicles at our center for collision repair in Miami. Tire and wheel protection plans are actually quite

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What Should I Do In Case a Rock Hits My Windshield?

What Should I Do if a Rock Hits My Windshield?

While driving, it is possible that your car’s windshield gets hit by a rock or a flying piece of debris. Sometimes, the vehicle in front of you can kick up rocks or pieces of stone from the road and if you are unfortunate enough, these can hit your car. In other instances, trucks carrying rocks

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Does Being in a Car Accident Void Your Warranty?

If you’ve been in an accident resulting in damage to your car, then you might be worried that the accident will void your warranty. Losing warranty protection can be very expensive in the medium term, and it’s an obvious worry. The good news is: Simply being in an accident will not void your car’s warranty.

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Woman inspecting scratches on her car's body work as she speaks on the phone with her insurance or a Miami Geico repair facility

How Does an Accident Affect My Auto Insurance?

Insurers like to reward careful drivers. An accident can cause your premiums to go up, often by quite a lot. Some insurers are worse than others, but some drivers have found that their premiums have doubled after an accident. Increases of between 33 and 45 percent are not uncommon. What Kind of Accident Affects Your

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