Woman inspecting scratches on her car's body work as she speaks on the phone with her insurance or a Miami Geico repair facility

How Does an Accident Affect My Auto Insurance?

Insurers like to reward careful drivers. An accident can cause your premiums to go up, often by quite a lot. Some insurers are worse than others, but some drivers have found that their premiums have doubled after an accident. Increases of between 33 and 45 percent are not uncommon. What Kind of Accident Affects Your

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mother teaching her teenager daughter how to drive in the car

Tips for Teaching Teenagers to Drive in Miami

Teaching teenagers to drive is one of the most difficult phases of child-rearing. To most parents, putting a child behind the wheel of one of your most valuable and dangerous assets is not an easy thing. On the other hand, your teenager views driving as a critical step towards adulthood and independence. To build their

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Man involved in a car accident taking pictures on his phone to document for insurance

North Miami Geico Repair Facility’s Tips for Dealing With Insurance Post-Accident

It is estimated that the average driver will be involved in 3-4 accidents in their lifetime. Though most car accidents are minor with little or no damage to the vehicle, some may leave your car in need of major repairs. If you haven’t been involved in a car accident, there are high chances that you

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Drivers fill out an accident statement report after having a parking lot accident.

Steps To Take After Hitting a Parked Car

Accidents happen. Hitting a parked car is annoying, embarrassing, and can even get you into trouble. Hitting a parked car and driving off constitutes as a hit and run. In Florida, a hit and run that results only in property damage is a second-degree misdemeanor that can net you up to 60 days in prison

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