4 Tips For Driving In A Thunderstorm By Miami Collision Repair

4 Tips for Driving in a Thunderstorm by Miami Collision Repair

Driving in a thunderstorm can be extremely dangerous. According to the U.S Department of Transportation, 21% of the vehicle crashes that occur each year involved hazardous weather. This is over 1.2 million crashes every year, killing an average of 5,376 people. Although it’s not advisable to drive during a thunderstorm, we understand that it’s not always possible

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Cars driving on wet road in the rain. Tropical collision repair

Tips for Driving in the Rain

Ah, rain. You never know when it’s going to hit, and Miami gets plenty of it. An unexpected rainstorm can greatly increase your chances of needing a Tropical auto body shop. So, how can you drive more safely in the rain? If Possible, Don’t We’re not talking a few drops here, but one of those

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