5 Ways to Keep Your Paint Job Looking Brand New

5 Ways to Keep Your Paint Job Looking Brand New

There’s nothing like a new car: the smell, the upgrades, and the gleaming paint. However, in a few months, the gleaming paint job can begin to look a little faded and scratches can appear. The average cost of a high-end paint job for your car runs around $5,000, and you don’t want to spend that. You

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What Should I Do In Case a Rock Hits My Windshield?

What Should I Do if a Rock Hits My Windshield?

While driving, it is possible that your car’s windshield gets hit by a rock or a flying piece of debris. Sometimes, the vehicle in front of you can kick up rocks or pieces of stone from the road and if you are unfortunate enough, these can hit your car. In other instances, trucks carrying rocks

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A car paint shop using a spray gun to paint a car white. car paint shop in aventura

Types Of Car Paint – Which One Should You Choose?

Getting your car painted is always exciting. It not only upgrades the look of your vehicle but you also get to choose your favorite color for your ride. Also, car color can play a crucial role in various day-to-day factors. For example, research shows that while silver is the most popular color, white cars are in fewer

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