So You Need a New Paint Job?

Every driver has experienced the inconvenience of discovering that their cars’ paint has undergone damage. Whether that damage is a result of someone borrowing the vehicle without asking you, a misjudgment of space when pulling into your home’s garage, or even a cause that the owner cannot pinpoint. Sometimes paint problems on a car are so obvious, anyone who sees the vehicle can easily spot it. Occasionally, after months of driving, you may notice a small spot that needs repair immediately. No matter the situation, Tropical Collision Repair is available and well-equipped to fix any paint or spot problem on your vehicle, without taking an unimaginable amount of time and costing you an incredible amount of money.

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Unlike most businesses whose bottom line is to obtain the highest profits possible, here at Tropical Collision Repair, our number one priority is customer satisfaction. Your vehicle’s needs will be attended to in an efficient and timely manner. For small touch-up jobs, we aim to return your vehicle in one day. If your car requires a full repaint, more time may be necessary, but our highly trained technicians are happy and eager to perform this service. Because of our assembly line set up, every customer should expect efficient, accurate, and thoughtful repaint and spot repairs. We are not in the business of rushing out poorly repaired cars, but attentive and deliberate repairs.

Another distinguishing factor of our paint and spot repairs is our care for the environment. Even the smallest repairs are conducted with environmental protection in mind so every customer should expect an eco-friendly process utilized in maintenance.

collision center worker painting car

From Spots to Full Repaints – We Do it All!

Our highly trained technicians are capable of repairing nearly every type of paint problem, including but not limited to orange peeling, general paint peeling, paint runs and sags, and even fish eyes. If you cannot identify your car’s paint problem, fear not, for Tropical Collision Repair will quickly identify it and find the right solution. We will be able to fix even an issue as complex as color fading.

The costs of repaint and spot repair can be discussed prior to service. The costs will vary, depending on the state of the vehicle. Tropical Collision Repair works with a myriad of insurance providers and guarantees top-quality service.

The skilled technicians of Tropical Collision Repair are experienced in repairing a multitude of cars. Our experience in car repair is expansive, from Hondas to Jaguars. No matter your vehicle’s make or model, we will efficiently repair your vehicle.

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