How to Scrape Off Old Stickers From Your Car?

From parking warnings to local elections to that 5k run that you slept through by accident. If this sounds like a sticker on your car window, it’s time to remove it. You’ve waited long enough, any longer and it is going to be nothing but more work. It may even do damage to the paint

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Easy Headlight Care DIY

Today we are going to teach you how to keep your headlights from yellowing, fading and cracking. You may not know it, but modern headlights assemblies are made out of plastic as opposed to glass. The use of plastic instead of glass has a big drawback. Plastic fades and cracks, while glass is hard, durable

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Top 4 Paint Problems To Look For

What are some common paint problems that you should look for? Peeling How to Spot It? Paint peeling, also known as delamination, occurs on the exterior of the car in small spots. The flaking may appear subtle at first, but it should not be left unchecked. Paint peeling is indicative of a more significant problem

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Ding or Dent?

Ding or a dent has been a topic of conversation for car owners. Mostly because neither look good on your car but also be expensive if you don’t know what you are asking for. Because technically a ding is a dent, but a dent is not a ding, makes sense? No? Don’t worry we are

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