7 Tips for Driving Safely on the Highway

Your vehicle, yours, and its passengers’ safety is cardinal every time you get behind the wheel. Although you can’t control other motorists’ actions, you have total control over your driving habits. By improving your driving habits and taking great control of how you operate your vehicle, you can decrease the chances of becoming a statistic. The following driving safety tips will help you drive safely on the highway and make them a safer place to be.

Buckle Up

Seat belts help save lives: 374,196 to be exact from 1975-2017. So, ensure to buckle up every time you get into your car before starting your journey. Also, make sure other vehicle occupants have put them on regardless of the nature of the trip.

Focus on the Task at Hand

Always pay attention to your vehicle and the road. Forget about your phone, kids in the backseat, radio, and anything else that might distract you. They can easily steal your attention and increase your chances of causing road accidents.

Pay Attention to Speed Limits on the Highway

On highways, you will come across posted speed limits. These are lawful limits, and failure to follow them may result in fines, legal fees, courts cost, and points added to your license. In 2020, speeding resulted in about one-third of all motor vehicle fatalities

I-95, for example, is known for its high-speed drivers and hour-long traffic stops and has lawful speed limits posted at different sections to keep traffic flowing at a reasonable pace. Make sure to follow those limits regardless of the vehicle you have. If you maintain the right speed, it will be easier to spot potential hazards and avoid them.

Be Attentive When Navigating Through Work Zones

Highways are always under maintenance, and for that reason, you will likely navigate through work zones. The fines for violating work zones directions are usually hefty and, in some states, specific violations result in compulsory jail time. So, always be attentive when approaching work zones.

Remember the following when approaching any work zone:

  • Obey instructions from flaggers
  • Slow down. Stick to the posted speed limit.
  • Be watchful of unanticipated vehicles, workers, etc. entering your lane without warning.

Intoxication: Do Not Drive While Drunk

It is ok to go out and have fun. However, it is wrong to operate your vehicle while intoxicated. You put your life and those of other motorists at risk when you drive while inebriated.

Charges for driving while intoxicated include license revocation, hefty fines, and jail times. Have fun, don’t bother people, avoid driving while drunk, and there won’t be any repercussions.

Keep Your Car in Good Shape

It is your primary responsibility to ensure your car is in good shape all the time. Though things happen and sometimes without warnings, you can reduce the chances of engine trouble by having it checked regularly.

In case your car shuts off while driving, try to get it as far off the right side of the highway to circumvent becoming a potential hazard to other motorists —then get help. You can call an emergency response vehicle or your insurance carrier.

Be Mindful of Other Drivers

You are not the only one behind the wheel. There are other cars, trucks, big rigs, and motorcycles using the road, so you need to be mindful of how you are driving.  Keep a reasonable distance behind them (there is room for every driver on the road) and always signal where you intend to go. If mindful about your behavior on the road, and other drivers as well, it becomes easier to protect yourself and others on the road.

Find More Tips for Driving Safely on the Highway

Your safety while driving on highways should always be a top priority. It is not so easy to correct an accident’s results, but it is very easy to work on your risk behavior. That is why it is crucial to cultivate safe driving habits. Should you fall victim to an accident on the highway or anywhere else while driving, call us immediately or schedule an appointment with us. Our experts at Miami collisions repair will assist in getting your vehicle back in shape.

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