5 Ways to Keep Your Paint Job Looking Brand New

There’s nothing like a new car: the smell, the upgrades, and the gleaming paint. However, in a few months, the gleaming paint job can begin to look a little faded and scratches can appear. The average cost of a high-end paint job for your car runs around $5,000, and you don’t want to spend that. You want to keep your paint job looking brand new as long as possible or need a Miami car paint shop any sooner than necessary. There are a few ways to do that.

Covered Parking Is Better for a Paint Job

You already know how dangerous the sun is for your skin, but did you know that those same UV rays can fade the paint on your vehicle? Well, it can. For this reason, you want to park your car in a covered location as often as possible. At home, you want to keep it inside the garage or under a carport. When you run errands or go to work, try to find a parking deck instead of parking on the street.

If your workplace only offers a parking lot without cover, you need to consider purchasing a car cover. This fabric cover slides easily over your car and removes just as quickly. You can carry it in your trunk and use it anytime you need to leave your car out in the open.

Wash Your Car

From salt and oil to gasoline and dirt, there’s a lot of muck on the roads on which you travel. The wheels of your car will flip this mess onto your car. This makes it essential that you frequently wash the dirt off your car. When washing your vehicle, make sure that you use a cleaner specially formulated to wash your car. You should never use dish soap, glass cleaner, or hand soap on your paint as these cleaners can do more harm than good. In fact, their chemical composition can blister and damage the paint.

Wax After Washing

Rain, water from other sources, and other liquids can damage your vehicle’s paint job. By applying wax, you provide a buffer between the liquids and the paint. It’s always a good idea to wax your car by hand with a wax paste or oil. The wax sprayed onto your car at a car wash simply doesn’t last for a long time, and this wax also covers the plastic and metal parts of your vehicle, damaging them.

Remove Droppings Quickly

From birds to tree sap, a lot of things fall onto your vehicle when you drive it and park it. It’s going to happen. There’s no way to completely avoid it, but you can remove it quickly. The chemical reactions to your paint job can happen very quickly and damage it. When you’re on the go, you should carry a cleaning solution for cars in your trunk, so you can clear the droppings away. Once you get home, you can wash your vehicle more thoroughly.

Use a Sealant

There are paint sealants that you can get applied to your car. This sealant stops chemicals, rain, and droppings from reaching the paint on your car. These sealants are similar to wax; however, they last longer and present a better barrier between dangers and your paint. However, it doesn’t provide the same shine as wax does.

Learn More About Maintaining a Paint Job

You want your new car to look its best for as long as possible. The paint is the most visible outside portion of your, which makes it essential to protect it. When you’ve been in an accident or experience a scratch, you must get a professional to repair the damage. At Tropical Chevrolet Collision Center, we’re ready to restore your paint job to keep it looking brand new. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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