The Top 5 Driving Tips You May Have Forgotten Since Your Driver's Exam

There are over 220 million licensed drivers in the United States. For most of those drivers, it’s been years since they’ve passed their exam to get a license. With all the information needed to pass, there are probably a few rules that may have slipped your mind since your exam. If that’s the case, sit back and get ready for a few driving tips you may have forgotten.

1. The Left Lane Is for Passing

Nothing angers motorists more than following a slowpoke in the passing lane. The rule every driver’s ed student is taught is that you don’t wander into the left lane unless you plan on passing a vehicle. Left lanes are not for scenic drives or hoping the other cars behind you slow down. If you’re not passing, stay to the right.

2. Stop Sign Order

A four-way stop can send your body into a panic if you don’t know the order of operations. Are you making the first move, or will the other car? It can be frustrating to sit there and wave on the other car, only to have them wave you on. So what’s the rule?

It’s pretty simple actually. There are a few basic rules.

  • First, it depends on which car got there first. The first to the stop sign is the first to go through the intersection.
  • Next, if two cars arrive at the same time, the pass-through is clockwise. That means if a vehicle is to your right, they should go first.
  • At every intersection, it’s important to use turn signals and use caution as you drive through. Be aware of all the vehicles around you and any sudden movements they may make.

3. Limit Distractions

This driving tip is stressed to new teen drivers all the time. Don’t text and drive. Also, don’t keep your music too loud. Don’t have too many friends in the car at once. While it’s sound advice and can easily reduce traffic accidents, more seasoned drivers tend to forget about some of their own distractions the more miles they log.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said distracted driving killed 2,841 people in 2018 alone. Just because you’ve been driving for 30 years doesn’t mean texting, eating, or using a cell phone is any less of a distraction. Eyes off the road for even a second can have major consequences.

4. A Yellow Light Doesn’t Mean Speed Up

We’ve all been in the situation where the light goes from green to yellow — and we push the pedal to the floor, flying through the intersection. But that’s probably not what your driver’s ed manual outlined. In fact, the yellow light means stop unless you are too close to the intersection to do so safely. ‘Too close’ is defined as being within 100 feet of the intersection.

5. Stopping Distance

Keeping a reasonable following distance between your car and the car in front of you will cut down on a fender bender if the front car has to stop suddenly. The rule of thumb is to stay at least 3 seconds behind the car in front, depending upon speed, gradient, and weather conditions.

As time goes on, and we become more seasoned drivers, sometimes it’s easy to forget to maintain some distance to keep everyone on the road safe.

Want More Driving Tips?

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