How to Avoid Those Annoying Parking Lot Door Dings

Oh, no! It’s another dreaded parking lot door ding. Is there anything you can do to avoid door dings? Well, it turns out that there are some steps you can take to at least lessen the chances of getting one.

At Tropical auto body shop, we’re experts at removing those annoying and unsightly dings. However, we’d much rather help our customers avoid collecting them in the first place! That’s why we’re offering these suggestions for avoiding another door ding.

Pick the Perfect Parking Space

Even if you find that perfect parking spot, remember to always park in the center of it. This provides the most distance possible from any vehicle next to you. The only exception is if you’re parked in a coveted end spot. In that case, you may want to hug the outside edge where no other vehicle can park. Doing so provides a buffer of extra space on the other side where a vehicle can park.

  • A spot at the end of a row automatically cuts the chance of a door ding in half. If the car to the left of yours doesn’t have a passenger, you’ve virtually eliminated the chance of a ding!
  • Park further away from the entrance. The most highly contested, and busiest, parking spaces are those that are closest to the entrance. The more drivers pulling in and out of spaces around you, the greater the chances of getting dinged.
  • Park facing west in the early morning and east in the late afternoon. People being blinded by the sun in their faces may not be as careful when opening their car doors as they would be otherwise.
  • Handicap parking spaces are often wider than other spaces, so parking next to one offers a little extra buffer space.
  • Parking next to a light pole or other structure provides a physical barrier between your vehicle and the one on the other side of that barrier.
  • A curb or other obstruction on the upwind side of your vehicle can keep the wind from blowing a stray shopping cart into it.

Definitely Don’t Park Here!


  • Parking next to a cart return corral is practically asking for dings and scratches from people hurriedly, and carelessly, getting rid of their shopping carts. Don’t let your car be the one that stops that errant cart!
  • Unless they’re hatchbacks, beware of parking next to small cars at big box stores. Do you really want to be parked next to them when they’re trying to shoehorn that 16-pack of paper towels into the back seat of that little car? Also, the more doors they use for loading, the more chances for a ding.
  • Unless you’re driving something the size of a Mini Cooper, don’t try to cram your car into a ‘compact’ space!
  • Car seats usually require a wide-open door when loading and unloading children. It’s probably best to avoid parking next to cars with them whenever you can.
  • Avoid parking next to cars with extra-long doors. The longer the door, the better the chance of a ding! Also, avoid parking next to much taller vehicles. Even if your vehicle has protective door moldings, a taller vehicle’s door may hit above those moldings.
  • Avoid parking next to cars that are in shoddy condition. If the owners don’t take care of their own cars, what are the chances that they’ll be careful around yours?

Let Us Deal With Those Door Dings

Door dings don’t just ruin the sleek appearance of your car. They also invite rust and even more damage in the future. Don’t decide to just live with the damage when our highly experienced technicians can fix it for you. If your vehicle has those dreaded dings, give us a call at (305) 908-5548 to schedule an appointment today!

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