How to Prep Your Leased Vehicle for Turn-In With Help from Your Opa Locka Body Shop

Having a leased vehicle is something that many Florida residents take advantage of regularly. This allows them to maintain the newest luxury and models on the market and having the flexibility to trade vehicles when the lease is up. What many tend to forget about until it is too late is the turn-in inspection from the dealership when the vehicle is returned. After all, these leased vehicles are long-term rentals that require standard maintenance and minimal wear and tear. Expect some wear and tear on car leases that are two and three years old. Below are ways to prep your leased vehicle for turn-in with help from your Opa Locka Body Shop.

Inspect and Repair Exterior Damage From the Leased Vehicle

The biggest costs that you face at the dealership come from the repairs to the exterior of your vehicle. This is the first look at the vehicle and first impressions are important. Walk around the exterior and check for the following:

  • Dents
  • Scratches
  • Missing Paint
  • Broken handles
  • Bumper damage

Make a note of each dent and scratch you find on the exterior of the vehicle. You will want to have this and any missing paint and vehicle damage repaired right away.

Dents and scratches smaller than the length and width of a quarter do not often cause damage fees. However, those that are larger and more visible will capture the eye of the inspector. You want the first impression of your lease to be a good one and make them really search for damage to the vehicle. If there is damage, these fees will be required by the dealership. When it is deducted by the dealership, it can cost much more than it is to repair, saving you money, and a good turn-in inspection.

Windows and Lights

Give your front and rear windshields a once over for any cracks or damage. Sometimes rocks and other debris are hit at the right angle and cause small or significant cracks. Also look on the driver and passenger windows as well for any damage. If there is any factory tint on the windows, you want to make sure that it is not peeling.

Both your headlights and taillights need to have working light bulbs in each casing. If you left the dealership with standard light bulbs or LED lights, you want to replace them with equal or better ones. Also, new model vehicles have sensors in these areas, so if you have a notification on your dash about a light sensor, make a note to have that replaced, too. What is the condition of your lights? Are there any cracks on the exterior of the lights?

Tire Condition

Are the tires on your lease in need of being replaced? If you have had the same set of tires for the duration of the lease, chances are you need a new set. In most lease obligations, having the tires replaced would be your responsibility. If you turn in a leased vehicle with bald tires, the dealership will have to replace them before they sell the vehicle.

Then, if they are still in good condition and have a significant amount of tread left, you want to make sure that there are no nails and other sharp debris in the tread. If so, you can have that patched or repaired. When you turn the tires in, they need to be in good condition so that the dealership is not looking at replacing a whole set.

Clean and Detail the Interior

How to Prep Your Leased Vehicle for Turn-In With Help from Your Opa Locka Body Shop

While some small stains in the upholstery may not cause impending turn-in fees, large scratches and odors could. When you received your leased vehicle, it was clean and detailed, so you would like to return it in the same condition. You can save this fee by vacuuming and detailing the interior of the car before the turn-in inspection. Do not get any water near the computer in the dash, however, as this could cause damage and be a major repair.

Depending on the type of interior your leased vehicle has, make sure that you clean it appropriately. For example, do not spray liquid cleaner onto cloth seats. The chances of these seats drying out completely are slim and you risk a musty and unpleasant odor. Leather upholstery requires leather specific cleaner, and vinyl can be wiped down with standard interior cleaner.

Gather All Required Equipment

When you left the dealership with the lease, you may have had a cargo cover, cover for the spare tire, manual, and other equipment. In many cases, some of these items get removed from the car and set aside in the garage. Before you go to the turn-in inspection, make sure that you have all the equipment items listed on your lease policy.

If they are not there at the time of the turn-in inspection, you will be charged for these items at manufacturer cost. If you are missing something, you should replace it ahead of time, where you can manage the cost and not be hit with inflated prices by the dealership.

Are You Ready for Your Leased Vehicle Turn-In Inspection?

Before you turn-in your lease for the inspection, you should do a thorough turn-in prep. As the responsible party and the one covering any fees and costs applied by the dealership, you should have a thorough turn-in prep inspection done on your vehicle. This inspection will check these areas, repair what is needed at an affordable rate, and minimize your turn-in fees.

Call us today at Tropical Chevrolet Collision Center to schedule your turn-in prep service before you give back your leased vehicle. We can be reached at (305) 908-5545. Our collision experts know what the inspector is looking for and will get your lease turn-in ready.

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