Collision Repair in Miami: Tire & Wheel Protection

Most drivers realize the importance of a routine car check-up or oil change. However, many people don’t pay enough attention to their tires, which can result in costly repairs. We offer tire and wheel protection for newly-bought or leased vehicles at our center for collision repair in Miami.

Tire and wheel protection plans are actually quite standard in the auto industry. What does this package usually include?

Standard OEM Plans

A typical tire protection plan will replace any tire or wheel that’s been damaged due to road hazards. It will also cover a flat tire caused by sharp debris on the road. The plan usually also completely covers labor costs from replacing a wheel or tire.

For many plans, there are no limits on these occurrences. However, certain incidents may not be covered. If your tire was damaged while driving in a construction zone, you may not be entitled to a free repair. Some plans may also not cover damages caused by poor maintenance.

Warranties From Tire Companies

A new set of tires will also come with a standard warranty from the manufacturer. Also known as a tread-life warranty, this is the tire company’s promise that its tires will last a certain amount of miles. Depending on the manufacturer, this could be as high as 80,000 miles.

Racing, off-roading, or other high-performance tires will probably have shorter warranties. Like tire and wheel protection, a tire warranty may also cover a certain amount of repairs. However, some may only replace the tires if there is proof of regular rotation.

What Are the Most Common Tire Problems?

In addition to flats, many drivers also have problems with uneven tread wear. While tire wear is normal and unavoidable, improper maintenance can often lead to premature wear. Your tires may also wear down faster if you’re not inflating them regularly.

When getting a collision repair in Miami, always make sure to get your wheels checked. Although it may not look obvious, wheel rims can often be bent in an accident. Driving on a bent wheel can cause your car to shake and increase your chances of a tire blowout.

How to Avoid Tire and Wheel Issues

No tire lasts forever, but here are some ways to make them last as long as possible.

Watch Where You Drive

Driving over rocky roads could cause your wheels to be misaligned. When this happens, your tires won’t wear evenly. Your tires may also wear down faster if you frequently drive over snow and ice.

Be conscious of potholes and curbs while driving. If you have to drive over a bumpy road, take your time and don’t speed. If your car doesn’t have winter or all-season tires, try to avoid driving in heavy snow when possible.

Checking Tire Pressure

When your tires aren’t fully inflated, they’ll wear down faster. Many gas stations offer free air, so try to check your tires each time you fuel up. You can also buy a cheap tire pressure monitor to check them yourself at home.

Rotating Your Tires

Getting a regular tire rotation ensures that your tires are getting an even tread. You should be rotating your tires every 5,000-8,000 miles.

Aligning Your Wheels

Though wheels typically last a lifetime, they need to be regularly aligned every two or three years. If you’ve been in a collision or suspect they’ve been misaligned recently, schedule an alignment as soon as possible.

Where to Find Great Collision Repair in Miami

If you’re interested in protection for your tires, feel free to visit our body shop in Miami. You can also contact us by phone or through our website.

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