When to Repair vs. Replace Your Windshield

It happens when you’re driving or if you are just taking a quick nap in your car. Something can hit your windshield causing a chip or a crack and you are left thinking to yourself if you need to repair it or replace it. No matter the cause, it’s important to get your windshield fixed as soon as possible to make sure that it doesn’t get worse. Here are some things to know about a damaged windshield and when to repair vs. replace your windshield.

When to Repair or Replace

The smaller the damage the easier it is to repair, a professional can have it fixed for a reasonable fee. However, if the chip has more than three cracks and is either at the edge of the windshield or in front of the driver’s line of vision it’s best for it to be replaced. The windshield is not only what allows you to see out into the road but it also attributes to the overall strength of your car. 

Most simple repair processes are just injecting a special resin into the chipped area. Windshields are made up of three layers with a layer of vinyl between two layers of thick glass. And although it is glass holes may be drilled at the ends of the crack to stop it from spreading. 

A small chip could become a big problem if it spreads across your windshield. Something like driving over a bumpy road could cause spreading. Don’t worry, typically a repair company can come to you so jump online and check out some options.

If you have read our ding or dent article then you already know that most repairs depend on the size of the damage. The smaller the damage a quick repair may be all that you need but it is bigger than a chip or a slight crack it’s better to be safe than sorry.

DIY Repair

If you are brave enough to do it you can even attempt to repair the chip or crack yourself. With plenty of do-it-yourself repair kits available you can find one that replicates the resin injection that is used by most professionals. However, when saving money you may be risking quality. This would come in the form of the tools being used and the training that the administering person would normally have. 

The important note to remember when doing the repair yourself if that the point is to not only stop the spread but give back to the structural integrity of the glass. 

Glass is, as you can see on your windshield, easy to crack. You may end up doing more damage than good when trying to do it yourself which is why we would always recommend leaving it to the professionals. If your windshield has been damaged and you’re unsure about how to proceed, simply give us a call at (305) 908-5548 or make an appointment with us here.